Indicus is the coming together of an eclectic set of musicians, veterans in their own genres of music. The compositions have a strong base in Hindustani Classical music that reach out and create a unique blend of Jazz and Electronica music.

With Indicus, various genres melt into one entity. Every school of thought retains its character, but when it interacts with elements from other rich elements, the outcome is quite unexpected, fresh and radical.

The result is an unheard-of, single entity that maintains the authenticity of ancient Indian philosophies and presents them in the most organic, contemporary sound. The Progressive Sufi Collective brings forth to the world, beatific philosophies of the mystics and saints of the Indian sub-continent.

The band takes the priceless ancient Indian philosophies and breathes life into them in this modern-day context. Indicus takes poetry by the Mystics and the Sufis of the yester-years, composes them anew. Through their songs, Indicus brings forth the essence of the philosophies of the Mystics for today’s audiences.

The initiative has been the result of not just one, but several people who have come together to pursue their passion, materialise their vision, and realise their dreams.

A visionary, a perceptive composer and a singer par excellence.
A culmination of true talent and a fantastic idea has resulted in creating Indicus, the band - a movement towards better music.
A sojourn that began ...
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Producer, Engineer, Keyboardist - basically, the backbone of the band!
Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar is a graduate in Bachelor of Digital Media (Audio Major) from SAE Institute, Byron Bay, Australia. JK’s International exposu...
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Multi-instrumentalist, hyperactive harmony specialist
A Western Classical and a Jazz musician, who plays the Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, and Guitar *phew*. It is not uncommon to see Shirish channelize his hyperact...
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Varun Sunil is a true native of Cochin in Kerala. Right from a very young age he had a predilection to playing percussion instruments driving his folk’s crazy tapping out rhythm patterns on all kinds of surfaces including pots ...
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Daniel Kenneth Rego is a guitarist working within the live and studio circuits as a freelance musician, and a member of several prominent bands. At the age of 18, Daniel came to nationwide attention as a member of Indian metal ...
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The youngest member of the band, and a promising artist, Karan enthralls the audiences with his drumming and tabla playing. He has been a technician for and assisted the esteemed Karsh Kale whilst also performing with him on se...
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Dibya hails from Assam and has been passionate about music since childhood, also learning tabla at the age of 6 .His knack and adaptability towards other rhythmic instruments imbibed his craving to play drums, which later shift...
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Keshav believes that music is the only universal language in the world, rhythm being what makes the world go round. It is this phenomenon of limitless expression that brought him closer to the art. Once you're in the groove, yo...
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Priyanka believes in the power of Arts to help every individual peer within. As a practising psychologist, she has been using music, dance and theatre coupled with visual arts in her sessions helping clients let go of their inh...
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